ceram.x universal

ceram.x universal nano-ceramic offers the most complete restorative composite solution for all cavity classes in the anterior and posterior region – achieving exceptional handling, adaptation and sculptability as well as supreme aesthetics and outstanding polishability.

What is ceram.x universal?

Leaders in developing advanced technologies for superior dental restorative materials, DENTSPLY brings another first to the profession with the introduction of ceram.x® universal, a revolutionary nano-ceramic composite material, offering significantly improved physical properties thanks to SphereTEC™, DENTSPLY’s new advanced granulated filler technology.


and see ceram.x universal in action.

SphereTEC™ Technology

This is a typical SEM picture of SphereTEC fillers.

A high filler load supports mechanical strength and reduces the polymerization shrinkage of a composite. Maximum filler loads are achieved by combining particles of different size categories, so that large particles form a pre-packed grid and smaller ones can occupy the space in between. SphereTEC allows the production of an entirely new type of pre-polymerized filler and maximises filler load using primary particles which are smaller than 1 μm. In contrast to conventional prepolymerised fillers, SphereTEC fillers are virtually spherical and have a distinct, microstructured surface.


and see how SphereTEC works.

SphereTEC fillers are produced via spray-granulation.

The process roughly contains 3 steps. First small droplets of barium-glass particles, surrounded by activated resin and solvent are produced. Dictated by surface tension in the gaseous phase, the droplets then form spherical shapes of a well-defined size distribution and the solvent is evaporated. Finally, by travelling through hot processing zones, the resin is cured and completed, solid SphereTEC fillers are collected.

SphereTEC contains almost perfectly round nanoparticles built from sub-micron barium glass particles held together by pre-polymerised resin. This gives ceram.x universal exceptional handling properties:

  • Does not stick to hand instruments
  • Easy low friction application
  • Unmatched adaptation to cavity surfaces
  • High stability and slump resistance
  • Excellent sculptability enables simple and targeted modelling

ceram.x: Aesthetics

ceram.x universal offers unrivalled shade matching using just five CLOUD A-shades of intermediate translucency.

ceram.x universal offers unrivalled shade matching using just five CLOUD A-shades of intermediate translucency, cleverly designed to shade match all 16 VITA classic shades. The unique sub-micron particles within ceram.x universal give superior aesthetics and wear resistance, leading to fast polishing and extra gloss on the finished restoration.

ceram.x universal brings a new dimension to restorative dentistry, combining exceptional handling characteristics and excellent aesthetics to create long lasting restorations.


.Xceptional Handling

ceram.x universal is based on an advanced filler technology called SphereTEC™ and contains granulated spherical sub-micron glass fillers. It is these filler ‘ball-bearings’, in combination with an optimised resin matrix, that enables such excellent adaptation to cavity surfaces, slump resistance and sculptability. It also doesn’t stick to hand instruments!

.Xtremely Simple

The new CLOUD shade concept achieves the full VITA1 shade match with just 5 universal shades of moderate translucency named A1 to A4.2 Achieves a reliable shade match thanks to a distinct chameleon effect.


ceram.x universal provides a fast and easy polishing procedure with both silicon based polishers and abrasive discs, resulting in an outstanding gloss.