ceram.x® universal

ceram.x universal nano-ceramic offers the most complete restorative composite solution for all cavity classes in the anterior and posterior region – achieving exceptional handling, adaptation and sculptability as well as supreme aesthetics and outstanding polishability.


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I found the new ceram.x universal a very good and simple material to use. The best aspects were the handling characteristics. Flow from the compule directly into the cavity was smooth and controllable giving good adaption with minimal manipulation required. The material seemed to handle well with no slumping after placement and clean excess removal. Stickiness was low, and increments stayed where placed in the cavity on instrument removal. The composite adapted well to margins, again with minimal instrumentation.

Dr Andrew J Crothers

Having tried many different composites over the years I assumed the new DENTSPLY ceram.x would be no different to some of the other brands on the market. I was pleasantly surprised at the results… Applying the DENTSPLY ceram.x was easy and not sticky. The restoration needed very little smoothing down after curing and polished easily. Aesthetically it looked great, the patient loved it! I will definitely be using this product in the future!

Dr Forouzan Pessian

I am very impressed with DENTSPLY's ceram.x SphereTEC, it has quickly become my go to composite for most cases. The handling is excellent, it is non-sticky, easy to shape and stays where you put it. The “chameleon” effect that it exhibits is superb, and together with a simplified shade system reduces the amount of stock needed. The finishing and polishing to reach a great gloss is quick and easy. I think this composite will prove to be a huge success for dentists and patients alike.

Dr Ian Cline

Clinical case images provided by Dr Ian Cline.

Clinical case images provided by Andrew J Crothers

Clinical case images provided by Dr Forouzan Pessian